• description Double File Check Up

    When a sales rep creates a new file he can instantly see if any of the information matches with another client and will not open a double file.

  • description Reports

    Any kind of report can be created and adjusted. You can pull up so much information and do the research on any key aspect that matters for you.

  • description Leads Distribution and Other API Connections

    We can connect to any services or websites via API. Payments updated, leads from your website implemented in CRM and can be distributed automatically to active users of your choice.

  • description Online Chat

    Every customer who visits your website can reach out to the sales department instantly via online chat. Sales get notification and whoever responds first - get to work with customer.

  • description Price Calendar

    Set up your prices for the day and time so the system will use it and calculate the total accordingly.

  • description Payroll

    Paying your movers is eay. With the Best Moving CRM payroll part. Always accurate.

  • description Status Tracking

    As movers filling the contracts system will display on which stage of the move they were at the certain time. Color coding and app communication notes will be saving you a lot of time. No need to call movers for status, they're busy. Just look up in the system.

  • description Paperless Contract

    Movers can sign BOL and any documents on their device. Paperless contract signing is a huge paperwork relief. Everything is digital and stored in the CRM.

  • description Automatic Emails

    System can send emails automatically. Follow up, confirmation of the move or simple reminder - everything is settled and adjusted by you.

  • description Storage and Billing

    If you offer storage to your clients, you definitely have storage workers and they must have their own access. Billing must be automatic, unless you're okay to pay extra workers.
    We will save you big time here. Non payers will be detected in a second. Storage pals do not need to learn entire software to work. Everything will be separated so they can receive the shipment and load truck on time.

  • description Ticketing System

    If anything has to be adjusted or explained, the ticketing system will help to get answers asap. Our team will be working with you 24/7.

  • description Long Distance Trips

    Will be more interesting for bigger companies with trucks or trailers going cross country.
    Creating a trip as easy as drag and drop. Printing load / unload orders. Keep tracking you the shipment status.

  • description Payment Page

    No matter how good or bad your merchant is, you have your own payment page. Easiest way for customers to pay.

  • description Performance Report

    See how your team is booking up. Keep tracking on the numbers with only 1 click.

  • description Movers APP

    Easiest way for dispatcher to communicate with movers - bell notification on their APP. Movers get to use their phone to see their schedule and do other transactions, confirming the shift etc.
    Paperless contract signing is a huge paperwork relief. Everything is dijital and stored in the CRM.

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